Here's How Much 50 Cent Made After Filing For Bankruptcy

He owes a lot ... but he's making a lot, too.

By Eric Shorey

Is 50 Cent bankrupt or really, really rich? This is something courts have been trying to figure out for a while now, but new revelations following the legal battles show the Fitty is actually somewhere in between totally broke and ultra-wealthy.

According to BET, Fif still "owes a steep $23 million" to creditors, on which he is making payments over the next five years. 50 Cent also is required to submit his bank statements so the court can monitor his funds. 

Those reports, obtained by TMZ, indicate that Cent has paid $113,103.56 worth of bills. The rapper also paid $1,267 to Daphne Joy and $7,497 to Shaniqua Tompkins for child support, as well as $17,917.81 to SunTrust mortgage (whom he owed $4.9 million) and $5,744.75 for a Bentley.

On the other hand, Cent's also collecting loads of money: $16.68 from a cameo in The Simpsons (wait, really? That seems like an awfully little amount of money), and a royalty check for $33,361.02 with a paycheck from G-Unit Records for $769.34. 

I wonder what it's like to be buying a Bentley while owing millions of dollars. I will probably never know.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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