Here's How Much The Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill Is Costing North Carolina (A Lot)

Hope it's worth it. Oh's not. 

By Eric Shorey

Following the introduction of North Carolina's extremist anti-gay and anti-queer HB2 laws, which essentially legalized discrimination against gays and prevented trans people from using the bathrooms of their identified gender, many companies and artists started boycotting the Tar Heel State. While NC has gone to great lengths to fight the federal government in order to keep their bigoted laws intact, they've also apparently been losing tons of money because of their hateful legislations. Wired has done some number crunching and estimated the total cost of HB2.

So how much did North Carolina actually lose? Wired estimates "slightly more than $395 million." Damn.

The mathemeticians calculating this took into account money lost to legal fees incurred from fighting to keep HB2 in place, boycotts from companies, loss of tourism, and the evacuation of sporting leagues from the state.

The conclusion from Wired? "Legislating discrimination has become an expensive bad habit."

Meanwhile, some news organizations are reporting that the higher-ups in NC are slowly considering abandoning HB2. Pat McCrory, the brains behind the new bathroom laws, has withdrawn his lawsuit against the Obama administration that he filed following the White House's mandate on transgender bathroom usage

The New Civil Rights Movement notes: "[T]his is not a change in stance or position for McCrory, merely a legal move."

It's unlikely that McCrory will suddenly stop being a total transphobe any time soon, but at least he could do what's best for his people and spend his state's money on something less insulting.

[Photo: Pexels]


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