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Here's How We Were Blessed With Beyonce's Amazing Side-Eye Pic That Went Viral

Beyonce was photographed giving a fan major side-eye during an NBA game, so what gives?

The NBA finals were this weekend, and while some were feverishly watching the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors face off, others had more important things to worry about, like what Beyonce was thinking about during this photo taken of her during Game 6, which quickly went viral.

After media outlets started joking about a fan having the gall to look Queen Bey in the eye, the fan in question - Steve Cespedes - took to Twitter with another photo and an explanation.

"I'm the dude in the picture," Cespedes explained via Twitter. "Both Beyonce and Jay Z were beyond polite and very gracious. The pic was her idea.”

"I showed her the Huffington Post tweet, we thought it was funny, she came up with this idea," he added.

Never let it be said that Beyonce doesn't have a sense of humor!

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