Here's The Real Reason Why Kylie And Tyga Split Up

And it wasn't cheating.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Was it cheating that broke up Kylie and Tyga? Despite the persistent rumors of infidelity that swirled around the two, according to TMZ, it wasn't a third party that ended their relationship; it was Kylie's need for independence.

According to TMZ's source, Kylie wants the freedom of being a single woman, and is ready to enjoy everything life has to offer for a teenage multi-millionaire - which includes flying all over the world to make appearances at prestigious events.

Tyga, on the other hand, wants to focus on his music and "chill" in the studio, so they both knew things were coming to an end. TMZ's source reports that after spending months getting into petty arguments over insignificant things like what to eat and what to say on social media, the two finally just called it quits, with Kylie feeling assured that no cheating ever took place in the relationship.

So was it amicable? Because in that case, good for them.

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