Here's The Top 10 Dating Deal Breakers For Women

How much can you ever really know somebody? This is the pivotal question posed in Bravo’s Imposters, premiering Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10/9c. 

By Kat George

How much can you ever really know somebody? This is the pivotal question posed in Bravo’s Imposters, premiering Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10/9c. The characters on Imposters actively try to hide their identities, taking on different personalities to get what they want. But how different is that to the real world of dating? Sometimes, you never really know someone—and what deal breaking personality traits they have—until it’s too late. 

Bravo conducted a survey to find out what the biggest deal breakers in relationships are, and unfortunately for the crew on Imposters, and for anyone hoping to coast by on lies, dishonesty made the top of the list. As women were significantly more likely than men to consider something a "deal breaker," here are the top ten dating deal breakers for women. You’ve been warned.

1. Stealing

Stealing is a massive deal breaker, with 91% of women saying they would consider their partner stealing money from family or friends a relationship ender. That’s compared to 71% of men. Meanwhile, 90% of women (what happened to that other 1%?) consider stealing from work a deal breaker. So if you want to make your relationship with a woman work, make sure you’re bringing home your bacon honestly.

2. Lying

If you’re thinking about going full imposter, and win the heart of a lady at the same time, beware: 80% of women surveyed believe that lying is a deal breaker. But the addendum to that is that lying about “serious things”—like addiction—is what will have you disbarred.

3. Bad Hygiene

No one wants to kick it with a smelly person. Which is probably why 75% of women agree that poor hygiene is a deal breaker. However, only 69% of millennials believe this, adhering to the trope that they’re kind of lazy and gross, while 85% of Gen Xers see this as a deal breaker. Shower up, lovers!

4. Having An STI

Unfortunately the stigma around STIs hasn’t diminished much, with 73% of women agreeing that this is a deal breaker in a potential partner. Millennials are more forgiving with only 68% seeing this as a deal breaker compared to 82% of Gen Xers. You’d think by 2017 we’d be a little less prejudiced against these things, but apparently not!

5. Lying About Your Occupation

Here’s where the Imposters are in trouble--lying about your occupation is a deal breaker to 70% of women. Too bad if you’re a spy (which, for the record, we think would be totally cool and worth the lying)!

6. Excessive Drinking

The number one substance abuse issue that will kill a relationship faster than you can say “12 Step Program” is drinking. Hard drug addiction doesn’t even make the list, with 70% of women agreeing that excessive drinking is a deal breaker.

7. Anger Issues

If you want to lock a lady down, you better be pretty zen. 68% of women think that having anger issues is a deal breaker. However, millennials are more forgiving with only 62% seeing it as a deal breaker as compared to 81% of Gen Xers.

8. Lacking A Sense Of Humor

Apparently being funny can get you laid. Gone are the days where the “class clown” also equated with "forever alone." 61% of women said that lacking a sense of humor was a deal breaker, so you’d better get to writing those quips if you want to win the heart of a woman.

9. Recreational Drug Use

A whopping 59% of women think using drugs recreationally (although nothing about drug addiction!) is a deal breaker. That breaks down to 57% of millennial women vs 67% of Gen X women. Drugs are bad, okay!

10. Lying About Money

There are those pesky lies again. 59% of women would dump you if you lied about money--so whether you’re struggling or rich, honesty is always the best policy!


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