Here's What 100 Layers Of Hair Extensions Look Like

Now, that's a lot of hair.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

If there's one thing we can thank (or blame?) Youtube for, it's viral challenges. Most recently, beauty vloggers have been obsessed with the 100 layers challenge, filming themselves putting on 100 layers of liquid lipsticknail polish— anything you can think of, someone with a Youtube channel has tried (and filmed) it.

YouTuber Kayley Melissa has taken the 100 layers challenge a step further by making it all about hair. Ever wondered what 100 layers of hair extensions would look like on one person's head? Well, wonder no more - Kayley Melissa has solved that mystery, and honestly, it's not as bad as you would expect. The final look is pretty dramatic, to say the least, but it's also kind of hippie Disney Princess-ish, right?

[Photo: Youtube]


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