Here's What Chris Brown Thinks Of The Taylor/KimYe Drama

He even makes a good point, but... the kettle and the pot?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The Kimye/Taylor feud will probably go down in social media history as the most entertaining celeb drama of summer 2016, and for good reason. It had everything - a slow build, a surprise reveal, and even celebs have been weighing in. Selena Gomez got messy and kinda disrespectful defending her BFF on Twitter during the aftermath, and Pharrell definitely seems #TeamKimye, judging by a recent Tweet he liked.

Now Chris Brown is weighing in via various Instagram comments on what's sure to be this month's hot topic.

"Who gives a f***," the rapper/singer wrote, only with a lot more capslock. "Celebrities, freedom of speech??? Come back to f***ing planet Earth. Everyone really be acting like little a** kids at times (me included)."

The bottom line? "Make music and shut the f*** up."

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Fair enough, I guess?


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