Here's What Future Has To Say About Rumors That He's A Cheater

Don't believe everything you hear.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Future has a few things that he'd like to clear up.

In a new interview with Flaunt magazine, the rapper was asked if there are any misconceptions people have about him, BET reports. And basically? He'd like the world to know that he isn't someone who "dogs women out."

Future spoke openly about what people get wrong about him, saying, "That I'm just some kind of dude that, if I'm in a relationship, that I'm a cheater, that I just dog women out. It comes from just the image. Certain things I don't speak on, but it's not true. That's the part of me that has to suffer sometimes."

"I feel like in due time people will understand that I'm the most caring, loving person they'll probably ever meet," he continued.

So are we to believe that all those rumors about Future cheating on Ciara aren't true? The rapper did previously deny having cheated, telling HuffPo Live back in 2015, "Everybody already had their speculation on what happened. A lot of people said, 'Man, he cheated.' But our relationship had nothing to do with cheating. We grew apart."

"As a man, you want to make decisions for your family, and sometimes the lady doesn't see what you see," he continued. "I called [the engagement] off long before any cheating rumors came out. I was like, 'This isn't going to work out.'"

[Photo: Getty Images]

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