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Here Is Kanye West's Excuse For Meeting With Donald Trump

He's tweeting again...

Kanye West has wasted no time in getting back to his old controversial ways, this time making headlines for stopping by Trump Towers on Tuesday to meet with Donald Trump. Did he have a good reason, though?

TMZ reports that Kanye's visit wasn't just a case of him wanting to rub elbows with the president-elect; he actually had a pretty respectable purpose in mind. According to their sources, the violence in Chicago has been weighing heavily on Kanye's mind, and he wants to use his rapport with Trump to help make the streets a safer place.

TMZ reports that though Kanye didn't bring up the issue during their initial meeting on Tuesday, it's his plan to do so once they grow closer and Trump is actually president — Kanye's just trying to get in early.

And here's what he had to say from his own Twitter fingers:

Kanye appeared to be meaningful in lobbying for change here, but the "#2024" thing sounds like he's giving up his 2020 run...so that Trump could go a full eight years? Um, yeah, no.

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