Here's What Kylie Jenner Eats For Breakfast Every Single Day

It's Tyga's favorite.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kylie Jenner is, apparently, a woman of habit. She may be known for switching up her hair and her style, but when it comes to her meals, she doesn't stray far from her routine — not when it comes to breakfast, anyway.

On a recent post on her website, Kylie revealed that she makes and eats the same thing for breakfast every single day, Hello Magazine reports.

"I seriously love being home and cooking for my friends and family, especially breakfast," Jenner wrote. "I make the same meal every morning because it's amazing and it's T's [Tyga's] favorite. He always asks for it! It's so easy, anyone can do it!!!"

So, what is it? Turkey sausage patties, eggs, and rice. Sounds simple enough, right? Kylie then broke down her cooking routine.

"I cook the eggs and rice together in a pan (sometimes I add cheese too), and in a separate skillet I fry up the sausage with a little olive oil for about 13-15 minutes until it's well done," she explained. "Seriously, that's it. If you want a little extra flavor, sprinkle some garlic powder on your sausage."

Kylie tops off her breakfast with a smoothie made with orange juice, one banana, and a mixture of frozen organic strawberries and mangoes. According to her post, the drink gives her "energy, a healthy dosage of Vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, and general deliciousness."

Well, there you have it — the breakfast of social media champions.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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