Here's What Laverne Cox Looks Like In The 'Rocky Horror' Reboot

Making all your erotic nightmares come true.

By Eric Shorey

When I was 13 years old, I would sneak out of the house and ride the Long Island Railroad to New York City to see Rocky Horror at midnight, later crawling back into bed at 4am without my mother ever noticing. The idea of someone messing with my Rocky Horror infuriates me to no end. The Glee episode of Rocky Horror is one of the greatest atrocities of Western Civilization.

But damn Laverne Cox looks good as Dr. Frank N Furter.

Miss Cox, of course, was recently cast to play the gender bending villain(ess) of the classic science fiction musical. While some worried about the questionable queer semiotics of casting a trans woman to play a male transvestite, others celebrated the reinterpration of the role as a victory for diversity.

“I get tweets from people, ‘Please don’t f— up Rocky Horror Picture Show!’” Cox said. “I showed my brother pictures of me in character and he was like, ‘You were preparing your whole life for this.’

Fox wil run The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a live event this coming Fall. The production is set to star Adam LambertChristina Milian and the original Frank, Tim Curry, as the narrator.

Anyway, here's Laverne, ready to make all of your erotic nightmares come true:

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