Here's What Serena Williams (Allegedly) Thinks About Drake Getting With Rihanna

Is the tennis star salty about her ex moving on?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Drake and Rihanna have been everywhere lately: going on romantic dates, kissing on stage, getting matching tattoos. It's almost enough to make you feel some type of way if you were one of their exes, but although Serena Williams maybe had a thing with Drake, she isn't that petty.

In case you don't follow Drake's love life (but why wouldn't you?), Drake and Serena were pretty public about whatever they had going on a while back. Drake was photographed cheering her on at Wimbledon last year, and seen showing up to her events to support her. They were pretty heavy on the PDA, too.

But that's all in the past. Drake and Serena are no longer a thing; Drake is very publicly into Rihanna, but Bossip reports that Serena could care less.

"She doesn't care," said their insider source. "She's over it. When she ends something, she doesn't dwell on it. That's just how she is. She was the same way with Common."

Power to her! I'm sure it doesn't hurt that she's dating a millionaire, either.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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