Here's Why Drake And Rihanna Will Never Be More Than Friends With Benefits

Sources dish on why AubRih won't be your #relationshipgoals anytime soon.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It's long been rumored that Drake and Rihanna are secretly seeing each other, but will they ever make it official?

According to Hollywood Life, Drake and Rihanna have had a "friends with benefits" situation going on for a while now, but the two have decided to never make it anything more than that, because doing so would destroy their friendship.

"Drake is adamant he's not dating Rihanna," said Hollywood Life's source. "Drake loves her dearly but they have an understanding that they're friends with benefits with no strings attached. It works better that way. No expectations. Nobody gets hurt. Everyone's on the same page. They tried the whole monogamy thing but it didn't work. This is what it is, for now."

So much for Drake/Rihanna becoming the next big power couple then.

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