Here's Why Some Gays Are Voting For Trump


Common sense would dictate that a gay person voting for a party that is actively hostile to the very existence of queer people would probably not be in their own self-interest. And while LGBTs have gotten good at reading The Donald for filth over Twitter, some gays find themselves enamored with the Cheetoh-encrusted Cthulu spawn turned presidential hopeful. The Gays for Trump movement may be publicly led by the cantankerous and onerous Milo Yiannopoulos, but some gays are not quite as odious as the alt-right figurehead.

OUT reached out to a handful of these voters to get their perspective on a variety of issues. Here's what some of them had to say:

 “He’s a successful person. I feel he possesses the character and personality traits that will make a strong president… He didn’t walk in and make a certain set of promises, and then not keep them,” said Charles Moran, a Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention.

If you look exclusively through the prism of LGBT civil rights, Donald Trump is the best Republican nominee for president we’ve ever had,” said Gregory T. Angelo, president of the Log Cabin Republicans. “But that involves putting everything else aside with Donald Trump. And that is a Herculean, if not impossible, task."

Interestingly, many of these gays find themselves newly ostracized from within the gay community: “The righteous indignation basically slut-shames people for supporting Trump,” says Moran.

I have a lot—a lot—of gay friends who totally support Trump but won’t support him publicly. Why? Because they’re literally afraid they’ll lose their clients, their friends, and their gay card,” said Kyle Kittleson, described as a "young gay Republican who believes Trump has a better LGBT record than Clinton."

Of course, Trump's actual policies about LGBTs have been ... well, let's say confusing. Here's a breakdown of his often contradictory statements:

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