High School Principal Under Fire For Grilling A Trans Teen About Her Genitals

I don't know what world the administrators of North Dallas High School are in, but in the world the rest of us live in it's not appropriate to ask a teenager about their genitalia (unless, like, maybe you're a doctor or something). Unfortunately, Jamie Lynn, a trans teen at that high school, was subjected to a rather nasty series of questions about her anatomy following controversy about her bathroom usage.

“He asked, ‘Do you have your boy genitals and is the top real?’ meaning my breasts,” Lynn said of the assistant principal. “That’s something that made me feel really bad because I feel like an assistant principal shouldn’t ask anyone that.”

This event occurred after Lynn had been using the women's room for a year without incident.

"There's never been a problem. There's been girls in there and I just talk to them because I like to be friendly. They've never made a complaint," Lynn said.

"The situation was very embarrassing and I was worried [about] the way she was treated," said Lynn's mother, Miriam Citalan.

The situation gets even more complex from there. According to NBCDFW: "Administrators know that Lynn is transgender, and have made special accommodations for her to use a restroom in the nurse's office. The district said Lynn is aware of the accommodations, but she denied that, saying she just learned about it on Monday, after the incident with the assistant principal."

"I feel isolated – like something they want to hide," she said.

Lynn has since started a petition to have the school change their policy on this matter. "I feel like everyone is open-minded about this idea," she said. "I have to keep going for those kids that don't have a voice."

Where can we sign?!

[Photo: Screenshot from NBCDFW]

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