Hillary Clinton Does The Dab ... Yikes.

Oh, god no.

By Eric Shorey

You know when your mom tries to rap along with "Hotline Bling" in the car? Or when your dad tries to send you a well intentioned but slightly out of date meme? This is sort of like that, but way worse.

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Ellen in her continuing camaign to appear even remotely like-able. With Hildog's desperate thirst in mind, somehow Degeneres managed to coax the presidential hopeful into dancing, and the results were as cringeworthy as old Bar Mitzvah photos.

Specifcally, the former First Lady did The Dab. The Dab, of course, is an already-fading dance craze which emulates the movements one performs after hitting some specially procured weed way too hard. This subtle semiotics is most likely lost on Clinton, who seems reservedly and embarassingly excited to put a youthful face on her hawkish political career.

Check out the video for yourself, if you can stand omega levels of second-hand embarassment:

Whether or not you agree on any of Clinton's politics, her campaign has surely had plenty of bizarre misteps, as rounded up by ONTD: "... Apparently the Nae Nae incident wasn't enough, nor was the Lena Dunham interview, or the "Chilling in Cedar Rapids" Snapchat, or the Hillary is just like your abuela! Hispandering incident."

Yikes, yikes, yikes. Yikes, all the way down.

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