Homie, Lover Or Friend? Characters I Can Play On Aziz Ansari's 'Master Of None'

Let the casting begin! 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

I’ve made the case for why I need to be on Aziz Ansari’s new show, Master of None. With season one in the can, season two is calling my name but what character should I play? To quote R. Kelly, I’m down to be the homie, lover or friend. Here’s why: (Spoiler alert: I reference characters and plot lines from season one, so if you’re behind, consider yourself warned)


One of the most popular episodes of Master of None is “Indians on TV.” Aziz's character Dev and friend Ravi are frustrated by the limited portrayal of Indians in Hollywood. It's a great episode featuring a bunch of Indian actors but where are the ladies? Seriously Aziz, Indian guys aren't the only one facing stereotypes.


Aziz and his girlfriend Rachel break up at the end of season one. It’s a bummer but let’s be honest, she’s kind of a wet blanket. While Rachel and her red hair—the dye job is horrendous—traverse through Japan, viewers would enjoy an Indian girlfriend or better yet, an ex-girlfriend in the storyline. The sex scenes may be awkward—I don’t do nudity even if it’s organic to the storyline—but his parents would be way happier to see me than they were to meet her.


Dev's friends play a huge role on the show. He has an Asian guy, black woman and white guy but what about an Indian? Dev needs someone to talk with about his personal experiences and Brian (played by actor Kelvin Yu) can only empathize with you so much, buddy. Add a girl to your crew whose name isn’t Mindy Kaling to have the conversations that real Indian-Americans have with our other Indian-American friends. 

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