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"Hot Felon" is Free!

Jeremy Meeks is ready to start his modeling career!

The hot felon is out! That's right. Jeremy Meeks, the 31-year-old hottie whose mugshot went viral, has paid his debt to society and is ready to embark on a modeling career.

Back in 2014, Jeremy broke the felon internet with his steely gaze, green eyes and tear drop face tattoo. He was charged with possession of a firearm but he should have been charged with criminal hotness. Distractify reminds us that his mugshot by the Stockton Police Department racked up over 100,000 likes!

Unfortunately ladies, he is not single. The married father has been with his lady forever so stop trying to send him prison care packages.

Jeremy has signed to White Cross Management so expect professional--preferably, shirtless--photos very soon. Until then, let's swoon on his 'Gram.

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