How To Be The Perfect Woman, According To Drake Lyrics

Are you wearing less and going out more? Well, stop it.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Sure, Drake's music is great for making you feel nostalgic about relationships you never had, but did you know that his lyrics also hold the key to true female empowerment?

Here's a quick, easy guide to becoming the perfect woman, all according to the 6 God's lyrics.

Step 1. . Stop having a life of your own.

Cause ever since I left the city you/started wearing less and goin' out more/Glasses of champagne out on the dance floor/Hangin' with some girls I've never seen before. "Hotline Bling”

Look, we all love "Hotline Bling," but you can't deny that the entire song can basically be summed up with "How dare you move on and have a life without me?" I mean, let's unpack this: Drake thinks she's not covering up enough? Sounds pretty slut-shamey to me. She's also not supposed to go out and drink champagne on the dance floor, while hanging out with new friends that he's never met before. That's a messed up message, but at least the beat is hot.

Step 2. . Don't be too sexually adventurous.

I hope you don't get known for nothing crazy/cause no man ever wants to hear those stories about his lady. "Karaoke"

Even though Drake wants you to be confident enough to be ok with his past--in "Fancy" he raps about wanting a woman with "the confidence to overlook my past ways"--clearly, the same doesn't apply to him. While some of his lyrics are all about commending women for being skilled in the bedroom, I guess what he really meant is that women shouldn't be too good at it.

Step 3. . Don't sleep with more than a couple other people in your entire life.

You telling me it's only been a couple other people that you've been with/I'ma trust you/I'ma give you the benefit of the doubt and I'ma love you/You can even call me daddy/Give you someone to look up to. "Practice"

Here's the thing: Drake isn't out here rapping about having only slept with a couple other women, so why is he expecting this of his potential partners? Yay for double standards!

Step 4. . Know your place.

Don't you forget it/The way you walk, that's me/The way you talk, that's me/The way you've got your hair up/did you forget that's me? "Shot For Me"

Telling a woman that everything they are is because of you doesn't sound super romantic to me, but to each their own. Lyrics like these definitely make you wonder how Drake became known as a feminist rapper. Sure, if we're grading on a curve, his lyrics aren't as overtly misogynistic as some, but Drake's music has a consistently sexist undertone.

Step 5. . Be a good girl.

Cause you're a good girl and you know it/I know exactly who you could be. "Hold On, We're Going Home”

You know Drake loves a "good girl." Now, what is a "good girl," exactly? No one really knows. Good luck!

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