How To Get a Date for Valentine’s Day Right Now...Quick!

For the desperation in all of us.


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Single? Don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone? There’s nothing wrong with a solo dolo night of Netflix and Chill but sometimes you want a date on February 14th, dammit! It’s less than a week away, so if your mission is to find a V-Day bae, now’s the time to take action.  

Confess to Your Crush

You have that one crush you secretly love. You fantasize about being with them and get butterflies every time they like your Instagram photos. Stop being a baby. Man (or woman) up and tell them how you feel. Text, phone or heck, write them a note. Who knows? Maybe they feel the same way and you get to spend Valentine’s Day with someone you actually like!

Text Your Exes

We all have exes saved up for a rainy day. Well, that day is today. Start scrolling through your old text messages and hit your exes with a “Hey.” Because you already have history, it’s not too hard to plan a date. Warning: If you broke up for a serious reason (e.g. Your ex is a psycho stalker and you have a restraining order against them), do not contact, no matter your desperation levels.

Join Every Dating App

Tinder. Hinge. Soulswipe. Yes, yes and yes. Online dating is a great way to meet a ton of new potential matches. Join any and ever site and get to clicking. Online dating is a numbers game, so the more people you message/respond to, the better. Since these are strangers, ideally, you want to meet at least once before Valentine’s Day.

Bar Hop Like It’s Your Job

It’s 5pm. Your 9-to-5 is over so go hit the bar. Whether it’s a neighborhood watering hole or cocktail lounge, the old fashioned way to meet hotties is still reliable. If you want to increase your chances, hit a happy hour and then go to the club at night.


“We met through friends.” Aww, how cute! Start poking your friends and coworkers and see what singles they know. Blind dates can be sketchy but you’re on a deadline. Put it out there.

Be a Love Troll

Trolling for love on social media is usually not the best way to meet quality people but people are increasingly finding romance on Facebook and Instagram. Put up a post about being single and looking and see where it takes you. For your own safety—and to prevent being catfished—it’s best if meet up with someone you're already connected to (say, a friend of a coworker). If it’s a complete stranger, meet in a public space and do some online stalking beforehand to make sure they’re not a creeper. 

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