How To Tell If You're Dating A F*ckboy (And What To Do About It)

Consider this your f*ckboy manual.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

F*ckboy. What is a f*ckboy? "F*ckboy" has about as many meanings as the word "basic," but in a weird way, we all know the type. He does that thing and always says that other thing that drives you crazy, and then wham...he turns out to be the absolute worst. You know him and you've probably loved him. F*ckboys much that it's have become an epidemic, threatening to erode away all that is good and true in the world. Some are in-your-face but others can be sneaky, even disgusing themselves as cute. Hell, you may be dating a f*ckboy right now and not even realize it. Don't panic. Here are the definitive signs to spot a f*ckboy and what to do about it.

He Dresses Like It

If it dresses like a f*ckboy, it's a f*ckboy. Is he wearing every current trend--no matter how terrible it looks--at the same time? Is he a hypebeast who spends his last dime (and possibly yours) on sneakers? If he's trying to look like a cross between Kanye West and Justin Bieber, he's a f*ckboy. 

He Hates Women

The guy who hates women and constantly uses derogatory terms like, "bitch" or "ho" is a misogynistic f*ckboy. He may have serious mommy issues and require professional psychiatric treatment.

He Brags About Sex

Real men don't kiss and tell. F*ckboys will tell anyone about last night's conquest. So what happens in your bedroom will be shared and tweeted to the world. Beware: many f*ckboys are very sexually inexperienced (or just horrible in bed), so they'll overcompensate by talking big about notches on their bedpost that don't exist.

He Has An Unhealthy Relationship With His Boys

There's crew love and there's creepy, codependency. It's healthy to have male friends but any guy over 25 should not be putting his bros before you. 

He's Immature

They say women mature faster than men, but f*ckboys never grow up. Watch out for childish, irresponsible behavior like not being able to keep a job, spending all his money on video games (and asking to borrow yours), and getting wasted every night. 

He's Talks A Good Game But He's Really Insecure

This is one of the surefire ways to spot a f*ckboy in the wild. The guy always beating his chest about his accomplishments is usually the most unsure. Do you see Jay Z or Barack Obama bragging about every little thing they do? No, because they're secure in who they are.

He Puts You Down

F*ckboys are so messed up that they'll project their anger/sadness/emo onto you. If a man can't handle a confident, independent woman like you, show him and his Yeezys the door. I'm sure his f*ckboy friend will let him sleep on the couch in his mommy's basement.

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