Iceman Gets His First Gay Kiss In New X-Men Comic

He's smoochin' a new boo named Romeo.

By Eric Shorey

Back in 2015, leaked pages of an X-Men comic revealed that one of the oldest members of the fictional mutant superhero team was coming out as gay. Now, two years later, Iceman is finally getting his first on-page kiss. Progress!

Of course because these are comic books we're talking about, the mythology of Ice Man's homosexuality is a bit complicated. See: Iceman was known as a womanizer since his character's creation back in 1963. A 2015 storyline put a time-displaced younger version of the original X-Men gang into Xavier's mutant academy. There, a younger Jean Grey accidentally looked into Iceman's mind and saw plenty of gay thoughts, leading to Bobby Drake's coming out. It remains unclear if this alternate version of Iceman ret-cons the character's sexuality in the past.

Ice Man is smoochin on a somewhat new character named Romeo who comes from a clan known as The Inhumans who often spar with the X-Men. Writer Dennis Hopeless seems to be setting up a Shakesperian romance, although we're hoping the story ends less tragically for this Romeo than the it did for the Romeo in The Bard's tale. (Then again, no one ever really dies in comic books. Wait, is that a spoiler?)

All-New X-Men #17 is available from the official Marvel store over here.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

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