Iceman, One Of Marvel's Only Gay Superheroes, Gets His Own Series

The Iceman cometh!

Last year, headlines announced the coming out of one the original X-Men. Although technically the Iceman that revealed himself as gay is a time-warped version of the original character, the news was hailed as a tepid sucess for LGBTQ inclusivity and diversity in comics. Now, it looks like at least one incarnation of Iceman will be getting his own spin-off series.

Although - historically - Iceman was known as a womanizer, a storyline last year put a time-displaced younger version of the original X-Men gang into Xavier's mutant academy. There, a younger Jean Grey accidentally looked into Iceman's mind and saw plenty of gay thoughts, leading to Bobby Drake's coming out. The new series is set to follow this iteration of the frosty superhero, although it's unclear as to what time period or alternate reality the series will take place in. It is also unclear if this alternate version of Iceman ret-cons the character's sexuality in the past. (Comics are complicated, ya know?) A video from Out explains the situation more fully:

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Either way, it doesn't look like an artist or a writer have been attached to this project quite yet — although wouldn't it be cool if they got some gay talent in there for this event? 

[Photo: Screenshot via Twitter]

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