In 2015 'Kardashian' Searched More Than Donald Trump, ISIS Or Syria

Priorites, people.

By Kat George

In case you were worried that interest in the Kardashians was wavering, you needn't fret. Despite the Syrian refugee crisis, the ongoing political race for the US primaries and ISIS's heightened and brutal terrorist actions, the Kardashians still won Google search in 2015. Which, depending on whether you keep up with the Kardashians or not, will either sound about right, or make you really, really depressed about people's priorities. Apparently, the antics of Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Khloe and Kourtney are more important to users of Google than, you know, actual real life.

Forget that Donald Trump is tearing up the polls, did you hear Khloe Kardashian hit the gym? Forget that bodies of Syrian refugees, including children, are washing ashore in Turkey and Europe, did you hear Kim Kardashian had another baby? Forget that ISIS has been terrorizing the world, did you hear that Kylie Jenner released some lipgloss? You get the idea. The single-mindedness of culture when it comes to obsessing over the Kardashians is terrifying. More terrifying still is that the only search results we checked that outstripped "Kardashian" were "NFL" and "Star Wars.' So it was reality TV, sports and movies in 2015. We truly do get the world we deserve. 

Here's how the Kardashians fared against some of the 2015 most searched topics:

1. . The Kardashians Were Searched More Than ISIS

ISIS might have made news headlines in 2015, but people still went out of their way to Google the Kardashians more than the terrorist group. After the tragic Paris attacks in November, the Kardashians were briefly out-searched by 'Paris attacks', but the interest in world news was short lived, with December falling back into a familiar pattern of Kardashian-mania.

2. . The Kardashians Were Searched More Than Topics Related To The US Primaries

You'd never know the US Primaries were looming with the Kardashians around! The Kardashians were searched more than subjects relating to the primaries, including 'Donald Trump', 'GOP Debate', 'Hillary Clinton' and 'Primary election'. Even more frightening than that is that Donald Trump was searched more than any of the other primary related topics.

3. . The Kardashians Were Searched More Than Syria

Some Kardashian fans might not have paid too much attention to the refugees spilling out of Syria, and dying or living in abject poverty. The humanitarian crisis is not as search-worthy as, say, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship status, which is a pretty depressing indictment on what people choose to inform themselves about.

4. . The Kardashians Were Searched More Than The Most Searched Topics In International News

Google Trends 2015 year in review page cites the Iran nuclear deal, Greek/Euro debt crisis and the Nepal earthquake as some of the most searched news items of 2015. While it's a relief to see the Nepal earthquake spike in searches when it happened, overall, none of these events spiked the kind of curiosity that the Kardashians do.

5. . Meanwhile, The Discovery Of Water On Mars Seems Irrelevant Compared To The Kardashians

Potentially one of the most intriguing and important scientific space discoveries of our generation--water on Mars--piques less interest than Kylie Jenner turning 18.

6. . But The Whole Year Wasn't Just About The Kardashians

Maybe current affairs and global news weren't big on the Google search radar in 2015, but the Kardashians did have their competition. The terms 'NFL' and 'Star Wars' both beat out the reality-family, giving an interesting perspective on where people's priorities really lie.

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