In The Near Future, Your Contact Lenses Might Have Built-In Cameras

Thanks to Samsung, the future is indeed terrifying.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

If you spend too much time taking photos on your phone now, get ready for the next level of technology: smart contact lenses. Samsung has filed a patent to develop contact lenses with a built-in camera.

According to Sam Mobile, the patent application was filed in South Korea and features lenses with "a tiny display, a camera, an antenna, and several sensors that detect movement and the most basic form of input using your eyes: blinking." Aside from the obvious reason--looking cool and taking photos on the sly--the reason behind the development of smart contact lenses is that smart glasses have limited image quality. Plus, who wants to walk around wearing ugly, bulky Google Glasses? 

The writer points out that Google is working on smart lenses too, so this technology may be closer than we think. Get ready for awkward social moments when a wink may mean something much more.

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