Instagram Hates On Amber Rose For Kissing Her Son On The Mouth

Don't mess with Mama Rose.

Amber Rose thought she was just sharing a cute picture of her son Sebastian, but the internet had other ideas.  When Amber shared a sweet pic of Sebastian with his lips covered in lipstick, along with the caption "After mummy kisses her baby," it wasn't long before the comments section filled up all kinds of hate.


Commenters went in on Amber for kissing her son on the mouth, and they weren't shy about sharing their disgust; some even went so far as to imply that her child would get herpes from kissing her. Awful. 


Amber isn't the one to mess with though, and it wasn't long before she posted a comment in response:


"Too Bad all of u miserable f***s never had mothers that loved u. Do urselfs a favor…. Take a long broom stick (No Lube Please) gently stick it up ur a****, sit all the way down on it and die slow u hateful pieces of s***. P.S everyone else have a blessed day."


The photo and accompanying comments have since been deleted, but check out the screenshots below. Pretty sure she did absolutely nothing wrong and folks are only harassing her because she's Amber Rose...but what do you think? 


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