Introducing The Bad Girls Club Emoji Keyboard

Turn up with your text messages!

By Eric Shorey

Step aside Kimoji users, The Bad Girls Club emoji keyboard is here to help you pop off in your group chats, DMs, and uncomfortable conversations with parents and coworkers!

That's right, you can now turn up your texts using Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club emoji keyboard, and relive some of the most classic moments from the show in honor of the all new season.  

From “I run L.A.” to “breakfast in bed,” we’re rewarding YOU, our devoted fans, by helping you create absolutely hilarious conversations with your friends. Ya’ll not gonna get no sleep… because you’ll be too busy texting with your new BGCmojis! 

The Bad Girls Club keyboard allows you to share your favorite BGC moments and phrases as GIFs and stickers as well. Because sometimes your mood can only be explained by a GIF of Tanisha banging on pots and pans!


- 100% Free!

- 70+ BGCmojis, stickers and GIFs!

- System integrated keyboard

For more info, head here! Or download: 

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