Is Amber Portwood Leaving 'Teen Mom OG' After The Farrah Abraham Pop Off?

Will MTV try to repair their relationship with Amber?

Here we go: after professional sh*t-starter Farrah Abraham bragged about having MTV in the palm of her hand, fellow reality TV co-star Amber Portwood is walking away from Teen Mom OG, claiming that she has been shown a "lack of respect" following a heated incident at the show's reunion.

Amber made her announcement over Instagram just yesterday:


Portwood explained herself a bit more over twitter:

"We used to be [friends] and then she decided to open up her crooked lips. She decided to do an interview saying something about how it's good that [my daughter] Leah is with Gary [Shirley] and how my house probably smells like piss. You don't do that," Portwood had said of Abraham at the interview shortly before popping off at members of Farrah's family. Now, it seems, MTV's mounting compliance towards Abraham's wishes have pushed Amber over the edge.

Will MTV work towards repairing their relationship with Amber, or will they continue to placate the more headline-grabbing Abraham? MTV has made no official comment on the subject.

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