Is Blac Chyna Slapping Kylie In Her New Emoji?

Shade or coincidence?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Does Blac Chyna still have it in for Kylie Jenner?

The future Mrs. Kardashian celebrated her birthday a day early by following in her BFF Amber Rose's footsteps and launching her own set of emojis called "Chymojis." The emojis feature avatars in Chyna's likeness twerking on a handstand and giving Rob a lap dance-- they're a tiny bit NSFW.

The Chymoji that's really making headlines, though? The one where Chyna slaps a brunette woman with a somewhat familiar full pout. It wasn't long before users began to speculate that the brunette woman getting slapped is actually supposed to be Kylie.

What do you think? Did Chyna throw some major shade at her future sister-in-law (even though they've reportedly buried the hatchet), or is this just a coincidence? Judge for yourself below.

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