Is Blac Chyna's Former Side Piece Ferrari Siding With Rob Kardashian?

He reportedly dumped Chyna and has had nothing but good things to say about her ex.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna is heating up, and everyone from T.I. to Snoop Dogg is taking sides and offering their two cents via social media.

Rob nearly broke Instagram last week when he went on a wild rant about his ex, accusing her of cheating and using him for money before taking things to a whole new (probably illegal) level by posting NSFW pics of Chyna all over his IG.

On Friday, TMZ caught up with Chyna's rumored side piece — the guy she was photographed chilling in bed with and her co-star in the kissing video Rob posted during his social media rant — and, surprisingly enough, he had nothing but good things to say about Rob.

"Rob's a good guy," Ferrari told reporters. Check it out below.

TMZ later reported that Rob's rant led to Ferrari severing ties with Chyna after spending more than 100k on jewelry for his then-bae, which he later returned. Rarri bought the jewelry back in June when he and Chyna were still a thing, with plans to have his manager deliver the gifts to her in early July. After Rob started spilling the tea on IG about Chyna being with multiple men, Rarri called the whole thing off, returning the jewelry and even letting Chyna know that he was taking it all back specifically because of what Rob revealed.

Chyna probably isn't too bothered, though — she's currently in the middle of a legal battle with Rob over the revenge porn he posted, and that's one fight that's nowhere near being over.

[Photo: Instagram, Getty Images]

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