Is Farrah Abraham Engaged To Her Ex Simon Saran?

Or is she a trolling us?

By Aimée Lutkin

We haven’t talked about Farrah Abraham in ten seconds, so it makes sense that she’s trolling us all again. If you’re a fan, you will probably recognize the ring that Abraham is wearing in these Snapchats. She famously bought it for herself in the Bahamas with the expectation that her boyfriend at the time, Simon Saran, would propose and pay her back for the cost of the rock.

The Stir reports that Saran had absolutely no intention of doing either, but the ring is already in Abraham’s possession, so she may as well send confusing messages featuring it. Many are taking these Snaps as a subtle declaration of an engagement with her ex:

But do the words “Because I can” really conjure a joyful bride? To me, it reads as “Because I have this ring and a camera phone.” It could also mean “Because I paid for it already, what am I gonna do—throw it in the garbage?”

There’s also this selfie with a little bow emoji, which could mean “It’s all wrapped up” or “I’m my own gift to myself, which is why I paid for an engagement ring.” It’s open to interpretation:

Simon and Farrah are supposedly just friends now, though he was with her at a strip club around Christmas time. Maybe they fell back in love around the pole.

[Photo: Getty, Screengrab: Snapchat]

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