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Is John Legend Softening On Kanye West And Donald Trump's Friendship?

He was a harsh criticizer of Trump and West meeting, but has his feelings changed?

John Legend didn’t spare much sympathy for his old friend Kanye West when he was interviewed about West’s recent support of Donald Trump. He seemed to not understand why West would associate with Trump and described the president-elect as a corrosive force in the country. He also basically said West was out of his mind.

TMZ recently published a video of Legend talking to an Australian-accented tabloid reporter, describing his new statements “walking back his criticism” on Trump and Kanye West. That’s not exactly what happens.

In the video the reporter asks, “Would you meet with Trump?”

Confused by his accent or trying to avoid the question, Legend replies, “Mate? Haha, I thought you said mate.”

That’s a horrifying picture, but no, the reporter wants to know if he’d meet with Donald Trump, in an attempt to talk to him about a different perspective, much like West claims he did.

To that Legend replies, “I don’t know.”  

He then clarifies, “I said it’s fine to meet with him,” but when asked if he’d consider doing the same, all he says is, “I don’t know.”

Not a ringing endorsement for Kanye’s actions, though somewhat milder than his earlier comments on the subject. But I suspect Legend feels exactly the same as he did before—not quite able to understand what’s going on in Kanye West’s head.

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