Is Kanye West Seriously Running For President In 2020?

Kanye West just out-Kanye'd himself. But would you vote for him? 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Last night's VMAs was full of crazy moments: Justin Bieber showing up with a soccer mom haircut, Beyonce and Jay Z failing to show up at all, Taylor Swift hitting the stage with Nicki Minaj, and of course, Nicki clapping back at Miley for talking crap about her in the press.

It's hard to imagine so much craziness could be topped, but there's one person you can always rely on: Kanye Freakin West. During the acceptance speech for his Video Vanguard Award, Kanye took to the stage for more than ten minutes to - well, it looks like he honestly just said whatever came to his mind, though he did make a few good points about the importance of cultivating new ideas. The entire thing was entertaining and somewhat bizarre to watch, and culminated in an announcement that he's running for president in 2020. You really just have to watch this for yourself.

Was Kanye just trolling us again or does he seriously have political aspirations? As is usually the case with Kanye West, no one can really tell, but that hasn't stopped the Internet from having its fun.

From imagining a White House full of Kardashians...

To drawing up some dope campaign posters. 

Kanye has proved that his antics always inspire some of the most entertaining memes. But perhaps the best part of all of this? The fact that Kanye has Jaden Smith's vote. 


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