Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant?

See the Snapchat pics that left her fans very, very confused.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is Khloe Kardashian going to be a mother?

In the past, the reality TV star has been very open about her fertility struggles as well as her desire to have children; she even recently revealed that boyfriend Tristan Thompson wants to have "five or six" kids with her, but are Khloe and Tristan already getting started on the baby making?

Cosmopolitan reports that yesterday, Khloe took to Snapchat to share a few couple-y Polaroids with her fans, including one of pic that had "mom + dad" written on it.

Cue the freak-out. Did Khloe just low-key announce her pregnancy on Snapchat? That was what many of her fans assumed until the next day, when Khloe wrote on Twitter about having a major hangover from her surprise birthday party the night before.

So was it just wishful thinking? According to TMZ, Khloe isn't actually pregnant, and the whole "mom and dad" thing? Those are apparently just nicknames they use for each other.

Are you buying it, or are you still holding out for an official pregnancy announcement soon? 

[Photo: Getty Images]

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