Is New York Fashion Week Still Relevant?

Millennial women: do you care? Here are 4 reasons you should.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

"Who would ever wear that?" You've probably thought, or heard this many times in relation to high fashion. For the average woman, the outlandish ensembles we see on the runway -- especially during New York Fashion Week -- can seem like a parade of impossible fashions that are so irrelevant to our everyday lives. But, it's more applicable than you think. Here are 4 reasons you actually should care about it. 

1. Fashion doesn't have to be shallow.

If you're anything like how I used to be, you associate the fashion industry with all things frivolous and alienating: just some expensive clothes for a specific type of woman who probably isn't you. But take one look at the work of designers like the late great Alexander McQueen, and you'll be reminded of all that fashion can be. Fashion is art, and art is always worth paying attention to. 

2It does actually affect what we see in stores.

High fashion actually does affect what new pieces your favorite stores will trot out throughout the year. Though you may not see any lavish ball gowns on the racks at your local Target, the influence of high fashion can be found in the silhouettes and styles offered by most on-trend clothing stores. It's runway fashion toned down for the masses (thankfully or unfortunately, depending on your personal taste).

3. Fashion may be frivolous at times, but that's okay.

A popular argument levied against fashion is that it just doesn't matter in the scheme of the world. Using that logic, Fashion Week seems like a celebration of something shallow. But is it really so wrong to enjoy the simple pleasures in life? Fashion can be beautiful, and there's nothing wrong with appreciating it for that alone.

4. It can be a source of inspiration. 

Even the most outlandish, experimental designs can serve a purpose in your everyday life. Ultimately, fashion is a way to express who you are. No matter what your personal style is, the looks you admire on the runway can be inspiration for putting together outfits that make you feel like the woman you want to be. 

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