Is Nicki Minaj's Strategy For Dealing With Remy Ma A Wall Of Silence?

Seems to be working...

By Aimée Lutkin

People have been waiting for a response from Nicki Minaj since Remy Ma dropped her brutal diss track “Shether,” but to no avail. She briefly posted something to Instagram about Remy’s sales, but has since deleted it and retreated to Paris. Some see her recent runway look as throwing shade at Lil Kim, but other than that, she just appears to be living it up.

Remy Ma has ramped up her attacks, giving interviews about Nicki, releasing a second diss track and posting NSFW pics of Minaj online. But she still can’t get acknowledged.

TMZ is reporting that this is allegedly Nicki Minaj’s strategy. We can all keep waiting, she’s not going to say anything. Remy has come for every aspect of Nicki’s reputation from her music writing abilities to her sexual history, but lots of people have stepped up to defend her: The Game, Ebro, and Safaree. But the loudest of them all is the Barbz, of course.

Nicki Minaj supposedly thinks she’s got plenty going on with a new app, high-profile visit to Paris, and tracks with Future and Gucci Mane, so accusations that she’s in hiding are not phasing her. The longer she stays silent the more it looks like someone’s scratching at her door, hoping to get inside.

TMZ doesn’t rule out that she’ll counter at some point, but does she really need to?  Hip-hop heads will argue that this is the way of hip-hop, so if she doesn't, she may find herself losing some much-needed respectability. What do you think?

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