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Is Rob Kardashian Spiraling Into A Reclusive Depression Over Blac Chyna?

Rob has blocked his sisters on social media and isolated himself from family events.

Rob Kardashian has had a rough few weeks. More info has come out on his relationship with Blac Chyna, and though he tries to create the sense that they’re together on social media, reports say they’re living in different houses. A photo of Chyna kissing singer Pilot Jones was mysteriously circulated, and now Rob is under investigation for threatening him. Of course, this could all be manufactured drama for their show, but so could their entire relationship! It’s hard to know.

One thing that seems all too real is that the pressure of all this attention and a difficult relationship is getting to Rob. There have been reports that he is hiding out and isolating himself from friends and family, and spiraling into a depression. On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you could actually see that happening on camera.

Rob skipped his grandmother Mary Jo “MJ” Shannon’s birthday awhile ago, and the episode tracks how it happened. He used his discomfort with his clothes as an excuse not to show, deleted everyone in his family on Instagram, then disappeared to Vegas. He says, “I just didn’t feel like going because me and Chyna got into a disagreement. So, she just gave me a reason to not want to go to with her to San Diego.”

Yes, Blac Chyna did go to Rob’s grandma’s birthday party without him. She’s better at being a Kardashian than he is right now.

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