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Is Safaree Samuels Already Trying To Get Back With Nicki Minaj?

Run, Nicki!

Nicki Minaj has been officially single for like five seconds and her old boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, is already trying to crawl back into her life.

In general, Minaj seems like the monogamous type. She picks a guy, settles in with him, and feels completely happy until they majorly f*ck it up, like Meek Mill did. Things finally ended when Meek allegedly cheated on Nicki, but it’s not like it was the first time he acted like an idiot while they were together. That whole back-and-forth with Drake over his lyrics was so ridiculous. If your boyfriend is messing with your work relationships, get rid of him, ladies!

In a way, that’s what Nicki’s other ex, Safaree, is saying. According to TMZ, Sarafee wants Nicki back (duh) and his rep told them that Safaree thinks Meek Mill hurt her career. He is apparently wondering what Meek Mill ever did to help her boost her work and points out she hasn’t put out a new album since her relationship with Meek started (although it's clear she's been working on one).

Maybe Safaree is just trying to butter up Nicki Minaj for a reunion love affair, but considering things ended with accusations of cheating on both sides, Nicki’s probably not in the mood for that. Two relationships ending in cheating in a row is rough. I hope Nicki Minaj doesn’t get back with anybody and releases a triumphant Single Ladies-style album that destroys the charts. That’s a much better revenge than a rebound.

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