Is Snapchat Making You Whiter?

Filters criticized for whitening faces.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Is Snapchat making you whiter? The app is being criticized for how it alters photos and artificially lightens faces. According to BBCcritics are blasting popular filters like the flower crown as "whitewashing filters."

Users have realized a difference in their appearance. "Lol so they try put flowers on top of the face to distract from the fact that it's a skin lightening feature Snapchat you're not slick," tweeted a fan. "I need the flower crown filter but without the whitewashing k thx," tweeted another.

Fans are sharing photos of themselves-- natural versus filtered. Across races and shades, there's definitely a difference. What's up with that Snapchat?

Can we have our filter and our melanin, too?

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