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Is This Nicki Minaj's Instagram Twin?

The resemblance is downright freaky.

Instagram has shown us some truly impressive celebrity look-alikes; Kamilla Osman is pretty much Kim Kardashian's exact twin, and I still can't tell the difference between the actual Selena Gomez and Sofia Solares. Does Jaiah Fern have them all beat, though?

Fern had Twitter users doing a double take after she posted a handful of birthday selfies that easily could have been posted by Nicki Minaj herself.

Fans couldn't believe the similarity.

Here's where things get even more surprising: as one Twitter user pointed out, Fern is white, which led many to wonder if her pics count as blackface.

Fern says she didn't intentionally try to look like Nicki Minaj, telling Yahoo, "I just did my makeup as usual and posted my pictures and they blew up."

"I think the dark hair combined with my tan and other facial features that make me look kind of ambiguous? I don't know. My foundation shade has always been the same," she continued, adding later, "I'm not trying to be Nicki or use her as a costume in any way."

Some on social media have come to Fern's defense. What do you think? 

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