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Is This The Other Woman In India Love's Leaked Sex Tape?

The woman commented on the situation via Twitter.

Ever since a snippet of reality star India Love's sex tape leaked earlier this week, Twitter has been going crazy asking the same questions: Who leaked the tape? Was it India herself? Who's India's co-star?

Well, the world may be getting an answer to that last question, if nothing else. Bossip reports that the woman in the tape with India is social media beauty Jazzy Mo. Twitter detectives figured it out, and Jazzy seems to confirm it — more or less — with a few tweets.

"India so mad at me she cussin me out thru a fake page," she wrote in one tweet, adding in another, "People are cussin me out for something i ddnt evn post lol."

India Love has yet to comment, but something tells me this isn't over quite yet.

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