Is Tyga Trying To Win Back Kylie...Through Karrueche Tran?

Chris Brown's ex might be joining the ever-tangled fold. 

By Eric Shorey

Oh, what tangled webs we weave: It looks like Tyga isn't quite through with Kylie Jenner just yet. Summoning the long-forgotten spirit of Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, the "Rack City" rapper is making some last-ditch attempts to win back his girl.

“Tyga got Kae’s number from a mutual friend and has been hitting her up for advice,” an unnamed source told (so, you know, grain of salt). “In one text he said he knew that she and Chris had problems and asked what he could do so he won’t lose Kylie the way Chris lost her.”

Dispensing more divine feminine wisdom, Karruche continued. “[W]omen hate being lied to and cheated on. She explained to him that it’s not a good look for him to be going around town with models, knowing he’s going to be photographed, only to make Kylie jealous,” reported the source. “She told him that’s petty and childish. More importantly ... she said if he really wants it to work with Kylie than he needs to keep it 100 at all times and that his penis belongs to Kylie and only Kylie. In the end she told Tyga he could continue reaching out to her for help!”

Gossip sites are expecting Brown to not take the communion with his ex particularly well. Could this oracular wisdom come at a price? Is a new row brewing between the two rappers? Probably!

Either way, it seems clear that Tyga isn't ready for this breakup to be real: “Tyga’s still texting Kylie a lot, he doesn’t seem to have got the message that they are split,” another insider said. “She hasn’t been responding to all of the messages. She’s sticking to her guns and has so much going on in her life professionally that she isn’t thinking about Tyga or getting with anyone else.”

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