It Looks Like Naomi Campbell And Rihanna Are Feuding

Naomi has subtly spilled some expensive ass tea...

By Aimée Lutkin

Naomi Campbell doesn’t have a reputation as an even-tempered lady. She’s a star, a diva, and honestly, she’s earned it. But maybe she’s mellowed because it’s been awhile since Campbell’s thrown a phone at anybody, which is good because her latest fight appears to be with Rihanna, who would not stand for that sh*t. On Tuesday, Campbell appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with RuPaul, and the two took turns answering questions from viewers.

One very observant fan noted that it appeared as though Naomi Campbell and Rihanna had unfollowed each other on social media, which is notable because they’ve been friends, and Campbell even modeled Rihanna’s fashion line.

The host Andy Cohen asks about that and, straight-faced, Campbell responds, “Everything’s fine. Of course it’s fine.” Then added, “I’m an actress now, Andy,” with a wink.

So, everything’s not fine. As Cohen speculated on what “the beef” could be, Campbell interjected more seriously to say that she supports Rihanna no matter what.

“I don’t have beef,” said Campbell, “I don’t have beef, especially with black women that I think are powerful and out there. We’re all in the same thing, doing the same struggle.”

In other words, they are probably fighting, but Campbell is not here to tear down Rihanna. If these two have beef, it’s very high-quality steak tartare.  Classy af.

[Photo: Getty]

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