It's #DuragHistoryWeek And The Internet Is Going Insane

Durag appreciation-and appropriation- has taken over social media.

Durag History Week is back! The celebration of durags has taken over social media with the hashtag #DuragHistoryWeek and celebrities and fans are appreciating the headwear with hilarious memes and posts. 

Rappers like Jay Z and athletes including Allen Iverson were remembered for their iconic durag days.

But it's not all about the guys. Fashion maven Rihanna gets major props for her stylish durags.

Even historic Americans wore early durags.

The holiday has made it beyond Black Twitter as durags have been increasingly appropriated by people of all cultures. Who can forget when Kylie Jenner wore one to New York Fashion Week?

A young Justin Timberlake was also a fan.

According to BuzzFeed#DuragHistoryWeek is the brilliant invention of writer Vann Newkirk II in 2014. Celebrate #DuragHistoryWeek on Twitter here.

[Photo: Twitter]

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