Ivanka Trump Is Inching Closer To Taking Over The White House

All in the family.

By Aimée Lutkin

As we’ve longed suspected, Ivanka Trump is getting closer and closer to moving into the White House to live with daddy post inauguration. It was announced on Monday that her husband, Jared Kushner, would be taking on the role of Donald Trump’s senior advisor. Like every single name that has come up in relation to Trump’s cabinet, this is very worrisome. Trump described Kushner in a statement, saying him as “a tremendous asset and trusted adviser throughout the campaign and transition.” Kushner supposedly helped Trump organize his campaign data and social media marketing campaigns, in particular using micro-targeting on Facebook to hide his ads from certain demographics while blasting them at others. We’re all in our bubbles, but it’s not always our fault.

However, Kushner’s close ties to the Trump family—i.e. married to one of them—is suspect as it may violate federal nepotism laws. Kushner says he’s planning to forgo the salary associated with the role and this may be one way to side step ethics concerns about family members influencing a president’s decision making. He’s also stepping down from his role at The New York Observer, which he owns, to present fewer conflicts of interests to the Office of Government Ethics.

If stepping down from your job is a sign that you’re about to take a potentially law-breaking position in the White House, then Ivanka Trump should be swearing in soon. Ivanka announced on Tuesday that she is stepping down from her clothing line and the Trump Organization as a whole. She hasn’t yet announced her new plans, but she and Kushner reportedly just bought a house in D.C. Just one big family out on the town.

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