Ivanka Trump's Boots Are Getting Dragged On Amazon

Ivanka Trump's shoe reviews were dragged by her father's own words. 

Thanks to her dad, Ivanka Trump may soon be the leading lady of the White House. The President-elect's daughter got a taste of dirty politics when her fashion line was dragged on Amazon. Critics of Donald Trump took to the comments section of the "Issa boot" with about 140 funny (and sad) reviews.

“My dad says they’re really hot, but they just make me uncomfortable,” said one review, per FootwearNewsOf course, this is in reference to that time Donald praised Ivanka's looks to Howrd Stern and called her, "more voluptuous than ever."

“Would these be appropriate to wear to presidential cabinet meetings or highly classified white house security briefings?” one reviewer asked. This is in reference to Ivanka and her brothers essentially hanging out with their dad at work. 

And how do they fit? Of the sizing, someone described, "These boots were too small, like the minds of Trump voters." We can do better comedy than this, folks.

Read more reviews here.

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