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Jay Z Bossed Up And Shut Down A Pushy Fan Trying To Take A Selfie With Beyonce

Whatever happened to personal boundaries?

Don't mess with Beyonce while Jay Z's around.

The power couple attended the New York City premiere of Hands of Stone earlier this week, where things got a little bit out of hand with an overzealous fan, TMZ reports.

Jay and Bey were leaving the premiere and heading to their car when an overexcited fan approached them in hopes of taking a selfie with Beyonce. He got a little too close for Jay's comfort, and was doing a little too much, so the hip-hop mogul stepped in, swiftly pushing the man aside with his arm so his wife could get inside the car.

So take this as a lesson - if you ever run into Beyonce, you better respect personal boundaries or Jay Z will remove you.


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