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Jay Z Speaks Out Against Meek Mill's Prison Sentence During Dallas Show (Video)

"You can't look at it as a black and white issue, you have to look at it as a human issue." 

Jay Z isn't keeping quiet on this one.

Rapper Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years in prison on Monday after being summoned to court over a couple of parole violations. Prosecutors recommended that Meek not serve any time behind bars, but the judge made the final call, deciding to send Meek to prison where he'll remain for at least the next two years, when he'll be eligible for parole.

After the news broke, many celebs spoke out in support of Meek, with Jay calling the sentence "unjust and heavy-handed." He wasn't finished there, either; Jay spoke out again during his tour stop in Dallas on Tuesday, Rolling Stone reports.

"I gotta say something about a young man named Meek Mill. He caught a charge, he was like 19, he's 30 now, he's been on probation 11 years. F*cking 11 years. Probation. 11 years," Jay said, adding that Meek now "got to do two to four years because he got arrested for being on a bike popping a f*cking wheelie."

"This '4:44' album is all about us moving forward, moving past things, and in order for us to move past all the sh*t that we're going through, we gotta address it," he continued. "Everyone has to be just as outraged. You can't look at it as a black and white issue, you have to look at it as a human issue."

"Black people in particular, we gotta get our sh*t together," he added later. "You're not second-class to anybody. We equal to everybody. We deserve everything that everyone else gets. Stop selling yourself short."

Check out a portion of Jay's stirring speech in the video below.

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