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Jazz Jennings On Dating As A Trans Teenager: Boys "Whisk By Me As If I Don't Exist"

Jazz Jennings shares her heartbreaking journey of finding love as a trans teen.

Teenagers obsess about love, from crushes in homeroom and first boyfriends to picking the perfect date for prom. But for 15-year-old Jazz Jennings, romance is a little harder. The TV personality and activist opens up about what it really means to find love as a trans girl.


"Falling in love. Being in love. It's something I dream of, something I want to feel," she writes in a personal essay for Harpers Bazaar. While her cis-gender friends are experiencing the headiness of teen love, she feels left out. "The game of cat and mouse has a whole new set of rules for a girl like me. Let's face it, your average straight cis-gender teenage boy isn't going to pursue a relationship with a trans-girl. Even if he does find her attractive, it could be social suicide if he acts on his feeling." She says that boys flirt with her friends but they "just whisk by me as if I don't exist."


After ongoing love misses, Jazz had pretty much given up on dating. "I've resigned myself to the fact that it will be awhile before I experience love. I'm okay. I'm a patient person. I can wait for my prince charming."

But fate had other plans. In the spring, Jazz says she went on her first real date! She connected with a guy friend, and they went to a butterfly park. "My hands were sweating, my stomach was making horrible noises and my heart was pounding so much that I thought I was going to pass out," she remembers. Her nerves lifted and the date was magical. "It was a great afternoon, and he even told me he'd like to go out again," she says. Don't you just love a happy ending?

Read more about Jazz's quest to find love here.

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