Jennifer Holliday Speaks Out About Death Threats Over Inauguration Performance

She ultimately pulled out, but not because she was afraid.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Jennifer Holliday is one of many artists to opt out of performing at Donald Trump's upcoming Inaugural Ball, but her initial agreement to perform was met with some serious backlash.

Holliday visited The View yesterday to explain her decision to back out after she'd already been announced as a performer, ABC News reports. But first, she explained why she agreed in the first place.

"Because I'm an artist and I love America," she said. "I have performed for four other presidents. I started with Ronald Reagan, daddy Bush, Bush, the Clintons during their eight years. So I didn't think anything of it."

"It didn't dawn on me that this was a bad thing and we're not doing America right now," she said later.

Holliday explained that the backlash was immediate and unexpected, explaining, "I woke up, and there was, like, this whole thing of terrible tweets and things on my Instagram, and I was like, 'Oh, Lord, what did I do?'"

Holliday said she received numerous death threats and was even called the N-word on social media before she pulled out of the event. The singer ultimately decided not to perform because she considers herself an ally to the LGBT community, and expressed her ongoing support for the community via an open letter last week.

Check out Holliday's emotional explanation of her decision below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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